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Too Sensitive..?

Recently my piano improvisation doesn't work well.

I know the reason. I happened to listen to Gabriel Urbain Fauré's Nocturnes with piano scores in Youtube. Very delicate and beautiful tunes.. and I was deeply moved by these Nocturnes. I believe that his romantic and beautiful atmosphere affected my deep psyche.

As a result, my improvisation doesn't work well. Usually listening to someone's music doesn't affect my improvisation.. However, Faure is one of my favorite composer. And his tune affected me like the resonance phenomena.

Fortunately my improvisation recovered today..

This is the first time experience in my improvisation.

I'm thinking I'll pay attention to what kind music I listen to from now on.

Claude Debussy, Ennio Morricone, Francis Lai, Joe zawinul.. are also my favorite composers..

However, for proceeding piano ten thousand leaves project, I will pay attention about them..

You think I'm too sensitive?


chair house

Photo: Zenpuku-ji park.. i love this park..

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