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Not Music But Primitive-Music

Recently I'm thinking about my project.

As a result I've got "vision". I'm happy. but I also want to know why I got this vision.

There are many technology innovation information today.

AI, Big Data Processing and Analysis, Mobile gadgets, Neo Energy, Neo Material, Bio Tech..

Too many technology innovation..

However, I feel that no one mentions about a purpose of these technology innovation in a viewpoint of the earth life evolution.

Earth Life Evolution System(ELES) got consciousness and intelligence, as a result of long time its evolution.

And now making many technology innovations.

What is the purpose of these technology innovation by ELES?

Why we human being are rushing into developing technology innovation?

Business? Honor? Improving our life?

It's very difficult for us to see it in the viewpoint of ELES.

Therefore we have to see it more essentially by utilizing Deep Essential Way of Thinking(DEWT)..

As for current my thought, the purpose of the innovation is evolution of Earth life system.

Until now ELES evolved only in the organic life form limitation.

From now it can evolve by utilizing technology innovations which it created.

Maybe we human being has not evolved yet after having technology innovations.

Human being as a top species of ELES will evolve from now on by utilizing technology innovation.

In this point of view, I believe that my project is its symptom.

My project utilizes computer and network technologies and has already realized realtime sharing of my improvisation with people all over the world.

Wow, from here, Today's main subject..

Because my improvisations don't have normal melody, normal rhythm, normal harmony..

they have only primitive, intuitive and natural tastes which are based on "Gentleness" like every mother's feeling. Fathermore they are nonverbal media.

As a result, I come to regard my improvisation as not music but primitive-music.

Currently I have only 221,064 plays in total with 592 uploaded tunes. This is not enough I think...

However, after finishing my project, that is 4,536 tunes uploaded, I believe something supreme will happen to minds of our human being as a next stage of evolution of ELES.

So, I thank to every engineers to develop technology innovation.

These are my current thought.

The Vision "To Fill Minds of All the People with Gentleness" came from this idea.

I still keep thinking about this theme.

sorry, long story..


chair house

*** This Photo: Sakafune-ishi (liquor ship stone) , Nara, Japan; Ancient Remains. Beautiful World:

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