Before Running Out..

Although I don't think about it, sometime the day when I cannot create music any more will come. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.. I don't know.. Because I don't know why I can create them, I don't know when I cannot create them. Before running out I would like to have an extremely spureme tune... Before running out I would like to achieve my vision anyway.. : ) BTW I decide the vision as the following: " To Fill Minds Of All The People With Gentleness " 9 words, basically acceptable for anyone... Although I well understand that my English sense is not well, I will utilize this vision for a while.. : ) Regards, chair house

To Bring Gentleness To People All Over The World

Through the internet music activities, firstly i got my mission. However mission is basically personal concept. Recently I'm getting "Vision". I would like to write about this idea today. Very fortunately I've got many positive feedbacks from the listeners. My tunes, Refreshed them, eased them, caused their love feeling... many feedbacks I have.. : ) On the other hand, I remembered that my objective of playing the piano is to bring "gentleness" to you.. And I happened to read the book about "vision" which said to me " not "mission" but "vision", simple "vision". Finally I came to the conclusion. I would like to have the vision of piano ten thousand leaves project. That is.. I would like to b

fragile lady in paris

15 days ago, I uploaded "fragile lady in paris (#581)" to soundcloud. I love this tune very much because its beauty and gentleness. I think this tune was born by a mutation. Some mutations come from many improvisations. "watashi no kokoro(#005)", "kohi(#002)" are also come from mutation. I re-recognized the meaning of my daily improvisation upload project. I expect this mutation. Mutation is my purpose.. that is, my ability improves above all. Wonderful! I'm thankful for poople who support this project and something holy.. : )

Somewhrere you remember piano score

I've added new piano score of "Somewhrere you remember - #451" to this site. My skill for making piano score has become pretty good. Original piano playing has very free rhythm.... Based on the time concept of my mind, which is very fluid, floating and selfish.. Therefore it's very difficult to make the sheet music. However, through these 3 piano score making, I basically master how to make it. very happy. Since I finished making piano scores of my top 3 tunes, I stop this work. please let me know if you want to have other piano score of my tune. I will consider to make it..

Open Sesame : )

I want to share piano scores today, however some functions are not verified yet. I decided to open sesame now. if you have some problem, I'm sorry about it. I would appreciate it if you would be patient about it.

Today's Modern Piano Improvisation

I like piano improvisation. Although I have neither brilliant piano technique nor ability to compose solemn music, I can create a small, simple, gentle, beautiful and tranquil music in improvisation. I think about this meaning two years ago. (1) Real-time sharing: Today's Information Technology enables real-time sharing music performance in the highest quality sound performance. (2) Highest Quality Piano Sound: Today's Digital Technology enables highest quality piano recording. Amazing! Recording piano was very difficult and tough work, and requested much time and money. However, today everyone can get unbelievably beautiful piano sound recording by piano sound software, which is very reas

Piano Ten Thousand Leaves Project

Because I need 5 topics for debuging my new site, I'm writing this topic. I like "Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves" which is Japanese ancient poetry collection, because there are many love songs. Very cute and vivid I feel. Although the authors are ancient people lived 1300 years ago, I can clearly feel their love feeling, their heart beating, excitement, happiness... When I found this truth, I was strongly moved and wanted to create something attractive enough to transcend time and space. This is a reason why I started pttl project and my aim is that people live in future, 1000 year after, enjoy these piano tunes. Target is 4,536 tunes but today I only have 574 tunes. Very long and difficul

Join to Wix-Music:

Since I found new music sharing service "Wix-Music", I joined. Some set-ups are difficult, it doesn't work well today.. I will try to fix it.. happy if it works.. : )

Piano Score Coming:

I mastered how to make a piano score this weekend. Very happy.. I made two piano score for "Kohi" and "Watashi no Kokoro"; my best performances. For sharing these I remake this web site. happy if you enjoy them.. : )

New Web Site Starts:

I start new web site. My mission is clear. To creat 4,536 piano music is my actual target. Today I have 574 tunes.Gentle, Simple, Beautiful, Creative and Tranquil music style I would like establish. I believe that this will be a new intuitive nonverbal inter-connection style for today's human being. Beyond music. Like A Mother's Lullaby...

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