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To Bring Gentleness To People All Over The World

Through the internet music activities, firstly i got my mission. However mission is basically personal concept.

Recently I'm getting "Vision". I would like to write about this idea today.

Very fortunately I've got many positive feedbacks from the listeners.

My tunes, Refreshed them, eased them, caused their love feeling... many feedbacks I have.. : )

On the other hand, I remembered that my objective of playing the piano is to bring "gentleness" to you..

And I happened to read the book about "vision" which said to me " not "mission" but "vision", simple "vision".

Finally I came to the conclusion.

I would like to have the vision of piano ten thousand leaves project.

That is..

I would like to bring "gentleness" to people all over the world.

This would be the basis of the vision.

And it would beyond the business.

new stage for human being... : )

To realize this, I have to master the way of "subtle and profound piano improvisation".

For this objective, "piano ten thousand leaves" project is the best trainning to me.

This is my current thought about the vision.

After getting the final vision, I will share it with people..


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