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Today's Modern Piano Improvisation

I like piano improvisation.

Although I have neither brilliant piano technique nor ability to compose solemn music, I can create a small, simple, gentle, beautiful and tranquil music in improvisation. I think about this meaning two years ago.

(1) Real-time sharing:

Today's Information Technology enables real-time sharing music performance in the highest quality sound performance.

(2) Highest Quality Piano Sound:

Today's Digital Technology enables highest quality piano recording. Amazing! Recording piano was very difficult and tough work, and requested much time and money. However, today everyone can get unbelievably beautiful piano sound recording by piano sound software, which is very reasonable price.

(3) Real-time Processing; Improvisation

Improvisation is a Real-time Processing. not prepared, not constructed, not elaborated.

In my case, I have no time to think about how to express, how to build, how to enhance.

Everything is performed in intuitive real-time processing inner human body.

## Today's Modern Piano Improvisation:

As a result, I found that what I feel in improvisation will be real-time processed to the tune and shared within a few minutes with people all over the world.

I believe this nonverbal communication is great experience for human being.

sorry too long sentence.


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