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If you listen to music in Spotify, these's a small thing you can do that will be a big help tome. FOLLOW me there!

Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will "verify" my account, which opens up some cool possibilities for my music, and I'll also be able to keep you updated whenever I release new songs or playlists.


Chair house

Hitoshi Yasui, known as "chair house", Digital Piano Bard of Japan.

He leads "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves" project, in which he creates original piano music every day.The target number of the music in the project is 4,536 pieces, same as "Manyoshu", Japanese ancient poetry collection. He achieves 1,072 pieces as of November 25, 2016. He is going to make accomplishment in 2025 if lucky.


“Piano Ten Thousand Leaves” Project is inspired by “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves; Manyoshu”, which is the oldest existing royal collection of Japanese poetries ranging from AD347 through 759; that is 1700 years ago. Unique feature of the original Ten Thousand Leaves is that selected Wakas are created for wide variety theme of love, beauty, tranquility, nature, death, life, illusion and family, by every layer’s men and women, from the emperors to the common people; fighter, farmer, officer, entertainer.. Indeed, this is the adolescence literature borne at the dawn of Japanese culture. This original anthology contains 4,536 poetries, and most of them are in Waka-style which has a five-line poem with the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable structure. Limited expression; style, length, and rules, emphasizes the value of the poetry.


In his piano improvisation style he found some similarities in “Anthology of Ten Thousand Leaves”. That is, tranquil, intellectual, gentle and beautiful, short piano improvisation… Short length, original, free, spontaneous, vivid, creative, sense of love, meditative.. etc. So, as a result, he wanted to start this project. 


  - On February 2nd, 2014:  1st tune uploaded.

  - On September 10th, 2016: 1,000th tune uploaded.

  - On November 25, 2016: 1,076th tune uploaded.


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