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piano ten thousand leaves (pttl)

Special Selection Album of piano ten thousand leaves already released. 1-5 selection album:

Only 14 pieces are selected from more than 200 pieces..


I believe that it is essential for improvisation works to be strictly selected to improve their quality. And selection albums of pttl have already passed this selection.


Every piece contained in these album is fully original, gentle, creative, intelligent and beautiful.

These can ease and refresh you mind instantly..


I would appreciate it if you would enjoy these selected music.

update information


Oct. 9, 2015;

- 30 seconds digest video of pttl 1st selection album


Oct, 7, 2015;

- 10 minutes digest video of pttl 1st selection album


Oct. 1, 2015:

- Top page renewal for realizing light speed site.

- English blog updated

Gentle and Beautiful Piano Music

Don't fail to witness this transcendence and a living great master's transcendence evolution

Gentle and Beatutiful Piano Music

Every day a gentle and beautiful piano music is created by chair house's pttl project.  Everything is a truly original masterpiece.


Calm, creative, unique, gentle, beautiful, intelligent experiences you can have easily... This experience will evolve your mind deeply, although it has only two minutes length.


The target number of the pieces is 4,536, currently 651 has been uploaded every day., actually very long way..  And already 5 excellent selection album available. Many great feedbakcs coming.. pls see  here for feedbacks from listeners


Many people already enjoyed these pieces. More than 283 thousand plays from all over the world, and increasing rapidly.


Don't fail to witness this transcendence evolution. Happy if you would enjoy these pieces.. : )


This is a 10 minutes Digest of pttl 1st selection album.

If you like this music, pls check 1st Album on-line shop -> HERE

This is a 30 seconds Digest of pttl 1st selection album


Happy if you enjoy this video.



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