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Select the music distribution service you are subscribed to from the following and press the button.

Leads to a long playlist of chair house for music baths.


Please try Gentle Piano Music Bath Lifestyle with chair house gentle music.

Shuffle play is important for your mind,

It seems that a soothing effect can be obtained by continuing to play it at a low volume.


Now, experience the true relaxation effect.

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Music that makes you feel gentle the moment you listen to it.


Full of calm self-confidence.

The feeling of loving people overflows.

Creative ability is activated.

It's strange, but even my concentration improves.


Listeners around the world testify that,

there is such music.


It's chair house piano music.

Yes, it's the music of "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves"


His music is piano improvisational music.


A real-time recording of his movements in his mind in the morning as music.


It's his life itself, a natural, once-in-a-lifetime music.

Accumulated records of moments that are the same as life and cannot be redone.


Epitome of life that cannot be erased, just because you don't like it.


His music is calm and gentle piano music full of "1 / f fluctuation"


In it, his feelings at the moment of creating music are recorded as they are in real time.


It is a collection of over 2,000 original piano music that has been created and distributed every day under the single vision of "deliver gentleness to people all over the world"


Please listen once.

You will understand it if you listen to it.


Fill your life with his gentle music.

Why not live in a peaceful piano music space?

Telework, stay home, creation, study, meditation, yoga, childcare, sleep, housework, etc.

It seems that a soothing effect can be obtained by continuing to play it at a low volume.


In this digital age, this is a proposal for a new lifestyle of listening to calm and gentle piano music continuously.


Currently, 350 pieces carefully selected from music distribution services around the world are distributed, for a total of 14 hours.

So many pieces...

So, by selecting shuffle playback in the playlist, you will be able to encounter new music every two minutes, that you have never heard.


Now, experience the true relaxation effect.

It's the beginning of the New Music Bath Life that enhances peace of mind, enhances love, and enhances concentration.

It offers a miraculous experience of listening to thousands of completely original piano music for more than 10 hours, born from the vision "deliver gentleness to people all over the world"

Would you like to stay ahead of the curve with this wonderful experience?

And if you like it, why not recommend it to your friends?


In addition, examples of playlists for each existing music streaming service are described in the explanation column, so please try it if you like.

Thank you for watching.

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