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about chair house

Hitoshi Yasui known as chair house was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1955.

While working as a corporate electric engineer, he began his creative career in the early 1990s as a multimedia artist utilizing macintosh SE/30 + Full Color Board.


His creative fields are music, images and movie, and he has won several awards in the multimedia contest, including the Grand Prix of "Multimedia Challenge '95".


After retiring from the company a few years ago, he resumed creative activity. Currently, He is engaged in digital art and music activities in the following two areas

#1: Digital CG Art Creation:

He has been using 3D software and Photoshop to create more than 500 abstract and beautiful images in the last six months. As a result, he is almost establishing a new method of creating "Abstract CG ART" , which is inspired by the pottery production process.

Currently he is forcus on creating Megami ( Goddess in Japanese ) based on “Abstract CG ART”.


#2: Piano Music - "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves" project


He is the leader of "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves" project with a target number of 4,536 songs, same as original "Ten Thousand Leaves", 8th century anthology of Japanese poetry and creates an original short piano music every day for this project.


People call his creative style "natural piano improvisational music creation".


At the end of February 2020, he achieved half of his goal, 2286 songs, over the course of six years, and is currently achieving 7 million playbacks worldwide. Currently, he continues to create every day to achieve his goal six years later.

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